My name is T Dixon. I have led quite an adventurous life. Raised in a small town – on a farm – in the Deep South, I then moved on to medical school and to the Army, and am a combat veteran of the Iraq War. Throughout all of this, I have been everything from a farmer to a tutor to a garbage truck worker. I have done carpentry and lifeguarding, public speaking and lawn mowing highways, waitressing and clerking. Technically, I am a physician and surgeon, but I am currently doing live storytelling, creative nonfiction and fiction novel writing.  I also do consulting and freelance writing. This blog is meant to be stories of the South (and that can be the South I grew up in or south-of-the-border where I love to scuba dive), the military, sports, history and traveling. I’ve lived a very diverse life thus far, and I have some hilarious stories to tell… I hope for all to enjoy and for none to be offended. Here are some of my favorite: